[opens pizza box] *snoop dogg voice* greetings loved ones


no, this is ouran high school FIGHT club. you broke that vase, now we break your neck.

i really just want to cuddle with someone why me


I don’t mean to interrupt people I just randomly remember things and get really excited I’m sorry

get to know me meme [tv shows]: Boy Meets World

"You’re gonna mistakes, you’re gonna make good friends and Mr. Feeny will probably teach you every grade you’re ever in. And maybe you’ll meet a woman as wonderful as Topanga, how’d you like that? And maybe you’ll make a friend like Shawn. But when you’re not a little boy anymore, when the world taught you how to be this man, you know, you’re still gonna make mistakes. But your family and your friends that you made along the way are gonna help you. Even thought it’ll seem like the world’s going out of it’s way to teach you these hard lessons, you’re gonna realize that it’s the same world that’s giving you your family and your friends, you know? And you’re gonna come to believe to believe that the world’s gonna protect you too. Boy Meets World. Now I get it." 

Blaine’s got the personality of a dork who accidentally grew up handsome but doesn’t know it yet.